Read a scene from BAIT!

Read a scene from BAIT, the first novel in a new romantic suspense series.

“You want me to give a lap dance to…you?”
The corners of Romanov’s lips curled upward. “Consider it your interview.”
Danny glanced around the room. Dancers were going about their work; clients were continuing to get their rocks off. But everyone kept one eye on what was going down with Fetish’s owner and the newbie who’d stumbled into the VIP room.
“What’s the matter?” Romanov murmured. “Losing your nerve?”
Danny briefly closed his eyes. Then he swung his leg over Romanov’s lap and straddled it.
Romanov’s eyes snapped open but Danny ignored the other man’s surprise and began gyrating to the beat of the music.
After a moment, surprise turned into amusement. “Someone must have told you that your rhythm is for shit, right?”
Danny gritted his teeth and let his hips snap to the beat a little more aggressively. His pants began riding up into his ass crack, but his legs brushed against Romanov’s, sending a weird tremor through him. He wasn’t sure if he liked that feeling, or the low simmer in his gut. This was the most up close and personal he’d gotten with a guy since that long ago day at summer camp—well, excepting the headlocks and tackles during an arrest or hand-to-hand defensive training.
“You might want to consider practicing yoga for flexibility.” Romanov didn’t bother to conceal a smirk. “If you want to make exotic dancing a profession, that is.”
“Anything else?”
“Clothes that aren’t tacky?”
“How about you shut your mouth and enjoy the show?” Out of the corner of his eye, Danny saw the dancer next to him do one of those twirly moves where his ass waved in the face of his client. Danny lifted away from Romanov and turned around, presenting his butt and waving it in time to the music’s beat.
“I admit you’ve got a very nice package,” Romanov observed. “But that is a tired move I’ve seen a million times.”
Danny stopped shaking his ass and turned back around to find Romanov watching him with bored amusement. Fetish’s owner was a prick. Danny was going to enjoy putting this asshole away for eight to ten. Standing in front of the dude, he traveled the expanse of Romanov’s thighs, his torso brushing against Romanov’s until his face was up in Romanov’s grill. Romanov’s head tipped back involuntarily as Danny loomed over him. The dark brow formed a question mark as Danny slapped an open palm on Romanov’s chest, the other on one lean thigh, and pinned him against the chair. “See this move yet? I call it the exotic dancer is getting tired of your bullshit.”
“As am I,” came the response. “Getting tired of your bullshit. Why don’t you turn this into a real performance and stop fucking around? Or maybe you lack the imagination to take it to the next level?”
Danny stared at Romanov. The crescent scar decorating his Slavic cheekbone creased, lines around the eyes deepened.
Romanov was laughing at him.
Suddenly Danny was blazingly, furiously angry.
“You have no idea what I’m capable of.” Danny grabbed one of Romanov’s hands and planted it on Danny’s left ass cheek. He brought Romanov’s other hand to his hip. “How’s this, shithead?”
“Insults now? Tsk, tsk, I’m—”
Romanov’s voice died when Danny began undulating his hips to the tempo of the music, eyes locked on Romanov’s, trying to imagine his body as a snake. Or a chick who liked being on top.
After a moment, Romanov shifted under him. Making himself comfy, Danny imagined, soldiering on. Eyes, which had been cynical and hard a moment earlier, softened. The lids grew even sleepier as Danny continued to grind, glazing with heat, igniting a glow in the golden depths. Romanov’s breathing deepened.
So did Danny’s.
He was getting turned on. They both were getting turned on. Jesus Christ! The situation was spiraling out of control. But Danny wasn’t sure he could stop. He wasn’t sure he wanted to stop. It was like a switch being flicked to ‘on,’ with light and heat flooding his body.
Chyort…” Romanov breathed.

The lust-soaked word spun Danny’s head. He was affecting Romanov. And that was some scary, scary shit. Danny was stepping over a line that wasn’t meant to be crossed.

BAIT releases February 18, 2016, exclusively on Amazon. Read for free with Kindle Unlimited.


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  2. *tapping foot impatiently* The 18th won't get here soon enough!

  3. Sounds great, looking forward to reading it!

  4. I was wondering if there was going to be a sequel to this book. As the first one is amazing, and I honestly couldnt put it down. I found it by accident, and i dont regret buying it either. I hope there is a second book that continues their journey. Anways amazing job!